Active participation of the students in the formal education in the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design through the Design Student Association "ETSIDI DESIGN"

Since its creation the ETSIDI Design Association has worked side by side with the Design Department in many activities due to a significant point of view from the current education system. Wondering what's ETSIDI DESIGN?

The students involved in this group they normally present a great active attitude, are self-initiated in different projects, very well connected with the external reality and they have a cordial relationship with their teachers.

The development of these profiles leads to a continuous movement of the activities and articles of the association. Following the steps initially marked in the Project of Educational Innovation, we observe that this seed has been growing to the point of maturing into a solid project with a significant number of students involved.

This development has been possible thanks to the close relationship between students and teachers, a relationship that is revealed in a more horizontal model where teachers and students exchange experiences and points of view with the aim of reaching the same goal.