1_A brief introduction about ETSIDI DESIGN

What is Etsidi Design?

ETSIDI DESIGN is a student association of Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería y Diseño Industrial (ETSIDI) from Polytechnic University of Madrid. Founded in September 16, it has more than 120 members. We have two main parts, blog and collective.

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Blog main themes are design, culture and technology.
Formed by different teams that work side by side in edition, writing, trendhunting…

ED Collective

Part of the association responsible of training and personal development activites as well as the execution of the assoc. projects.

When did this start?

etsididesign.com blog was founded in February 2015.
In September 2016 we were formalized as an Association and then the collective part was born.

Why did all of this come about?

The association was born from the following student needs:

  • Proactive approach in and out of the University.
  • Multidisciplinarity.
  • Connection with external reality.
  • Collaborative work and personal intellectual development between the students.

2_Blog etsididesign.com

Design, culture and technology blog where you can find the latest news and trends in the industrial design area.

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How it works?

etsididesign.com is formed by more than 50 industrial engineering students coming mostly from the design area. Every single individual has different goals to fulfil during the academic year. All of them are distributed in different teams known as editors/design mentors, authors, visual team, trendhunters, marketing & web developer.

Meet the team

Editors / Design mentors

Each team of writers has an editor/design mentor who is responsible for their articles and design training.


Blog main themes are design, culture and technology.
Writers receive feedback from the editor as well as the design training.


Work side by side with all the involved parts in the association. Visual Identity for the Collective ED and Blog

Trend hunters

They provide information about the latest innovations in industrial design, culture and technology. Trend observers.

Web developer

Responsible of the web maintenance.


They provide analytical information and plan the communication strategy.


More than 140K visits on the website

25 / 34

Average age from visitors


Pages per visitor

Mad / Bcn / Val

Top cities from visitors

All of this contributes to some key benefits


Why a blog like this in a place like that?


  • Working in the blog provides a personal improvement of transversal knowledge, skills and competences.
  • Perfect combination to the design subjects.
  • Students meet the design sector and they are also helped to make direct contact with industrial design engineering companies.
  • Articles posted in etsididesign allows writers to connect with the people.


  • Articles posted on etsididesign encourage the knowledge related with different field of studies to the university.
  • etsididesign provides a visual identity that benefits the university.
  • Nowadays, etsididesign is the most active website in the design, culture and technology area from the public universities in Spain. 
  • etsididesign´s principal team collaborates with the industrial design degree´s subjects.

ETSIDI´s support makes this possible

3_Collective ED

In addition to the blog part, we created the Collective ED.
A place where people can be part of different projects.

Here are a few projects

Design essentials vol 4 DIY


We had the chance to take everything we have around us and re-design it working side by side between different teams.

Our office is a shared room for all the students associations. At this point, we decided to make something different with our resources that could be unexpected and accepted.

Silk-screen printing.

Workshop in collaboration with the Design department. It´s made by us and it produces all the merchandising from the association. It´s also opened to the public.


DIY Lighting.

Part of the Design Essentials activities. In collaboration with FABLAB ETSIDI.

CNC machines, 3D software and an awarded teacher made it possible.

Material Library

We are currently collecting samples and designing the library.
In collaboration with ETSIDI-UPM

ETSIDI´S Interior design

Center of Madrid, old building, four floors, lots of metres & a concept of a new design school to create.

Vol. 1 Techniques

Graphic design for Industrial Designers and Parametric Design courses.

Vol. 2 Talks

Branding, Self-improvement, Marketing, Product management...

Vol. 3 Workshops

Digital manufacturing and Sketching for designers.

Vol. 3 DIY

One day, 6 people and one room.