El efecto de retrospección es la tendencia a considerar las situaciones pasadas más positivamente a como en realidad las hemos vivido.

for the privilege of owning yourself


the individual has always had to struggle

to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.

if you try it,

you will be lonely often,

and sometimes frightened.

but no price is too high to pay

for the privilege of owning


F. N.

why it's more important to work harder on yourself than you do on your job


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We have all heard it before… “go to school, go to university, get a degree, get yourself a nice husband or wife, work hard at your job and you will live happily ever after.” This sounds good in theory, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

Unfortunately, a lot of people spend their entire lives ‘working hard’ but never seem to achieve success. What is the answer to succeeding in your career, passion and life as a whole if following the status quo isn’t it? That is the million-dollar question that they leave people to figure out on their own, and unfortunately very few do. The ones that do “make it” are the ones that seem to know the answer.

In order to find success, I believe it is more important to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. This loaded statement has proven to be true many times over in both my personal and professional life and is something I have seen work wonders for many other successful people I know and learn from.

Unfortunately, I only figured it out 7 years ago, but it helped me prevail through some of the most challenging times of my life, allowing me to come out stronger and wiser. I’m hoping this article can help change your life too.

In this mini-essay, I’m going to explain what it means to work harder on yourself than you do on your job by offering ten of the most valuable lessons I have learnt from applying this in my own life.

To start, I’d like to define what I mean by ‘job’. I don’t just mean your traditional 9-5 job. I’m talking about anything that you are passionate about, anything that is important to you and anything that you are hoping to achieve success in. This can be anything from working for someone else, running a business, building a clothing brand, developing a music career, being a professional athlete, teacher, pastor, mother, father, or whatever else it may be.

The statement that sparked the idea of this essay comes from Tony Robbins mentor; Jim Rohn and has stuck with me ever since, “If you work hard on your job you can make a living. But if you work hard on yourself you can make a fortune.” What he means is that success is an inside job (meaning your thoughts and your mindset). It’s a game of psychology more than just working hard and this is what 95% of people don’t realise.

Successful people encounter the exact same amount of failures and set-backs as those deemed non-successful. In fact, they probably face more failures and set-backs because they get up and try again even after failing. The reason they get through it is that they expect set-backs to happen, and continue to push through when they encounter them.

Now that you know this, think of a person that’s risen to the top position of your company, the successful business owner or the athlete that is always in the starting line-up. You will notice that these people are relentless. They keep trying and have a bunch of positive habits outside of the work environment that directly impacts what they do in a positive way.

Winning is impressive, but what impresses me more is somebody that has suffered loss, bounces back and comes back stronger. We all see the winners on TV, on the Instagram feed and YouTube, but we only see the good bits. We don’t see the battles and demons they face internally behind closed doors, the rigorous habits they implement when they are driving in their cars or brushing their teeth, where the only person they must confront is their own mind. These people have learned to master their own thoughts and emotions and know how to calm their mind, replace the negative thoughts with the positive and not let a negative Instagram comment or slip-up in their performance ruin their day.

If you really want to propel forward in anything you do, I can’t stress enough how important developing a growth mindset is, and this is something you develop OUTSIDE of your job.

A growth mindset teaches you about the peaks and valleys in life and about the expectation of the unforeseen circumstances. Very few people get to the top of the valley unscathed, without a few bumps and bruises along the way. Most have nearly got to the top, only to fall right back down, sometimes multiple times, only to know the only way to break this pattern is to get up again and keep climbing.

Extraordinary results are not just built on a series of things going well. They are built on failure, perseverance, embarrassment, confusion, blood, sweat and tears. Sure, you will get the highs, the boosts of confidence and the hits of serotonin from a decision going in your favour. But the reality is, it will be a cocktail of pleasant and unpleasant emotions.

The trick is to EXPECT these emotions to happen, KNOW they will happen and PUSH THROUGH them when they do happen. If I were you, I would write that last sentence out and put it on the home screen of your phone, the wall in your bedroom and your mirror in your bathroom to have a daily reminder.

Most bad decisions started off as an excellent idea, so don’t beat yourself up if that good idea ends sour. It’s completely normal. There is always a seed of a good idea within a lousy idea. Your job is to extrapolate it and always look for the good.

So here are some handy tips that I suggest you implement in your personal life outside of your job, for getting results that will propel you above your peers. Don’t be surprised when people begin telling you that you are lucky, just remember that the harder you work, the luckier you get.

  1. Invest in your mind. Those who work on themselves harder than they do on their job invest heavily in personal development. They commit to reading books about the mind, their craft, leadership, health & energy. The average CEO reads around 40 books per year and spends countless hours listening to audiobooks. They attend seminars, get themselves a coach and hang around other amazing people. The knowledge you have attained in your life has got you to the point you are today. Whether you are proud of that or not. You have to be an idiot if you think you can learn nothing more and expect the quality of your life to be improved. Remember, the difference between your life today and your life in 5 years is the books you read and people you hang out with.
  2. Practice Consistency. When you get good at something, people begin taking you for granted. When you’re consistent, you stop getting compliments. So if people have stopped complimenting you that is the highest compliment because it means you’re consistent. Practice consistency in all you do, whether it means getting up early and reading for ½ an hour. Eating high fat instead of eating sugar for energy. Moving your body every day. Writing for 5 minutes every day to crystalise your thoughts. Staying ½ an hour later than you’re paid for or any other positive habit. This will build healthy habits that will shine through in your work and everything else you do in life. Give me a successful person, and I can guarantee they are a consistent person.
  3. Learn to accept there are some things you can’t control. It’s not things that upset us. It’s our opinion and perspective about things. You can lose weight, but you cant get taller. You can move house, but you can’t control where you were born. You can change yourself, but you can’t change other people. Somethings are the way they are. Accept them. Sometimes this is going to irritate you, and you are not going to like it. But don’t let it, that’s a non-growth mindset mentality. Accept it, and change your view on the situation or change your environment, as that’s 100% in your control.
  4. Expect problems. When we encounter a problem, we quit because we didn’t expect it to happen. The reason you call it a problem is because it wasn’t part of the plan. So why not plan to have problems? This point right here can change the trajectory of your life.
  5. Be patient. We live in an era where everybody wants it instantly or in less than 6 months. You don’t often hear about patience, expecting problems or feeling stuck when chasing your goals. When you get stuck, you get stupid because you’re sick of being stuck. BE PATIENT. Trust the process, read autobiographies or even reread this essay to know that patience is a virtue. An excellent choice may go unrewarded for a long time. That’s the tricky thing. You need to wait it out and have faith that your decision will bear fruit. The most significant rewards are often delayed, and great ideas don’t usually bloom until years later. Be patient. Keep working.
  6. Be entrepreneurial. Now I don’t mean to go off and start your own business because owning a business isn’t for everyone. I mean THINK and BEHAVE like an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are important because they think different. They can also become very wealthy as a result of thinking different and being problem solvers. Being a problem-solver means you can make a lot of money or a lot of money in your job. From this, you can use that money to help solve the problem of making the world a better place or teaching other people to think as you do. People love people that think and solve problems.
  7. Visualise the person you want to become. Sometimes you can make so much progress without even realising it. You have grown so much that you begin looking at your life or your living situation and are no longer satisfied with where you are living or how much money you are earning, and it wasn’t so long ago where you would have been content. This right here means that you are growing. It means your external world is no longer congruent with your inner world. It also demonstrates the power of thought and visualisation. Do this with everything in your life. Your weight, your relationships, your business, your salary, your creativity. Everybody that makes it to the top WANTED to get to the top and saw it in their mind first before it became a reality. Combine that with a relentless work ethic, and you will become it, so long as you don’t quit. I can bet you $1,000,000 nobody got there accidentally.
  8. Ask people to tell you the truth. You can tell the character of someone by how much truth they can tolerate. The irony is, the more truth you can tolerate, the better person you become, even though it hurts. We all have blind spots, even the best do. Tiger Woods has multiple coaches as he understands the importance of blindspots and to never stop learning. Begin asking people that are more successful than you are for the truth around certain areas of your life. They will come from a place of love and tell you a bunch of things that you had no idea about. What gets measured gets improved.
  9. Don’t shy away from challenges or live in complacency even though it’s enjoyable. Too much sunshine makes a desert. You need to go through shit as this is where the muscle is built. A big mistake I made in 2016 was resting on my laurels. When I made a $1,000,000 before tax profit one year, I stopped trying. I grew complacent and began indulging in certain things, stopped my great habits and was shying away from new challenges. I mistakenly thought that once you ticked off your goals, you could relax and go with the flow. How wrong was I. Things unravelled 10 times faster than they took to build. This is all because I was enjoying too much sunshine. I like the phrase by Grant Cardone, which is to “stay broke”. Meaning even if you have money, invest it into assets so you don’t spend it on things that make you look impressive, and so it keeps you hungry because you got no cash again. Very smart, and something I apply to my life today. Don’t get complacent once you get that job you want. You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t continue to grow and strive for more. If you’re not growing you are going backwards. It’s your moral obligation to become the best version of yourself. To both yourself and those around you. Therefore you must continue to grow. It’s hard to get up in the morning when you sleep in silk sheets.
  10. Practice gratitude daily. It’s so easy to get caught up in the rush, in the chase and in the grind. It’s so easy to discredit and ignore all the good in your life and only focus on what isn’t working. It’s so easy to get annoyed at your kids or colleagues or clients. Truth is, there is always going to be something going wrong and not working. Therefore it’s so important to practise gratitude daily. It makes you realise that no matter the economic landscape of your life, you still have a lot of blessings around you if you decide to look for them. If you are reading this chances are you live in the Western world. Therefore, you live in the most blessed and richest social-economic landscapes in the world and are wealthier than 70% of the planet. Every morning, I focus on three things I’m grateful for. These are as simple as my health, having 2 legs, having my staff, having both parents alive, having a wife and healthy kids. Despite what’s going on in my life, it fills me up and helps me charge through the day and my work because I have already won. Live every day like it’s your last. Plan every day like you will live for eternity and continuously look for the good in any situation.

There you have it. When you develop your greatest asset, which is you, you can create unlimited income, success, health and prosperity. A wage or income is simply the fee you receive set by your employer or business, based on the exchange of services rendered, the problems solved or value​ ​added to the market. Every day you will have choices on how you look at the situation. Every hour you will have the decision whether to look a the cup ½ fill or ½ empty. Those choices will determine whether or not you will have a great day or a bad day.

An upgrade in your mindset will undoubtedly give you an upgrade in your paycheque​, your job​ and ​your ​quality of life. The funny thing is, is all of this takes place outside of the office and is what will have the biggest impact on your job.

Good luck, and please do me a favour and share this with anybody who needs to read it. Any organisation, school, sports team, business, or aspiring anything. It fuels me to keep writing down my thoughts, knowing people are reading it and getting value from it.



sé un hombre



Si puedes mantener la cabeza cuando todos a tu alrededor

pierden la suya y por ello te culpan.


Si puedes confiar en ti cuando todos dudan,

pero admites también sus dudas.


Si puedes esperar sin cansarte en la espera,

o ser mentido y no pagar con mentiras,

o ser odiado y no dar lugar al odio,

y aún no parecer demasiado bueno, ni demasiado sabio.


Si puedes soñar y no hacer de los sueños tu maestro,

si puedes pensar y no hacer de las ideas tu objetivo,

si puedes encontrarte con el triunfo y la derrota

y tratar de misma forma a ambos impostores.


Si puedes admitir la verdad que has dicho,

engañado por bribones que hacen trampas para tontos,

o mirar las cosas que en tu vida has puesto, rotas,

y agacharte y reconstruirlas con herramientas viejas.


Si puedes arrinconar todas tus victorias

y arriesgarlas por un golpe de suerte,

y perder, y empezar de nuevo desde el principio

y nunca decir nada de lo que has perdido.


Si puedes forzar tu corazón y nervios y tendones

para jugar tu turno tiempo después de que se hayan gastado

y así resistir cuando no te quede nada

excepto la voluntad que les dice:



Si puedes hablar con multitudes y mantener tu virtud,

o pasear con reyes y no perder el sentido común,

si los enemigos y los amigos no pueden herirte,

si todos te precisan, pero ninguno demasiado.


Si puedes llenar el minuto inolvidable con los sesenta segundos

de bravía batalla.

Tuya será la Tierra y todo lo que en ella habita,

y lo que es más,

serás un hombre, hijo mío.

this is the world we live in


this is the world we live in.

people relying on each other's mistakes

to manipulate one another and use one another,

even relate on one another.

a warm,



of humanity.


this is what she does

she doesn't love the people who love her

she loves the people who don't

this is her power-safer mode

Trust the process #woodworking

Summer holidays are quiet special for me.

Muroexe, el calzado que está tomando las calles.

Muroexe, el calzado que está tomando las calles.

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Los españoles Muroexe son sin lugar a duda una de las marcas que mayor crecimiento está teniendo durante estos últimos años. Tener un producto como el suyo no está al alcance de cualquiera, la comodidad de su calzado es excepcional y gracias a ello, están captando seguidores de todas partes del mundo.

Con apenas unos años de vida, la gente de Muroexe se está haciendo un hueco importante en el sector siguiendo fielmente su filosofía. Hemos tenido la oportunidad de hablar con ellos y esto es lo que ha salido. Con todos ustedes Muroexe…

Román, cuéntanos un poco acerca de vosotros ¿Quién está detrás de Muroexe? ¿Cómo empezó todo? ¿Cómo surgió la idea de entrar en el mundo de la moda con un producto como el vuestro?

Muroexe surgió hace tres años, hubo un momento en que los fundadores Esme y Roberto trabajaban en el mundo de la Tecnología e Internet y notaron que había la necesidad de crear un producto para todo ese público. Las grandes marcas no estaban trabajando en pro de cubrir esa necesidad de todas aquellas personas que trabajan en el mundo del negocio y que necesitaban un zapato que fuese un híbrido entre una zapatilla y un zapato, es decir un producto cómodo pero a la vez elegante. Para ello empezaron a desarrollar el producto trabajando con expertos en biomecánica, en diseño de producto, en diseño visual… Realmente no había nadie de la industria de la moda y calzado. Con ello pudimos romper con lo establecido y hacer algo nuevo. Preferimos buscar nuestros propios clientes e involucrarles en el proceso de diseño. Limpio, cómodo, una única costura, sin logos, sencilla, con una estética muy cuidada y que todo se base en la comodidad.

El equipo de Muroexe

Filosofía de la empresa, ¿Por qué Muroexe?

Lo que queremos desde Muroexe es crear calzado funcional para humanos inteligentes “footwear for smart humans” o crear calzado funcional para treintañeros urbanitas. Lo que queremos es dar una prestación, una funcionalidad en el calzado, pero que sirva  también para cumplir las necesidades de un día entero de trabajo. Podemos decir que diseñamos para esas personas que tienen un trabajo creativo pero que por exigencias del mundo laboral necesita ir más arreglado, por lo que la versatilidad juega un papel fundamental.

Tres años y varias colecciones después, nos encontramos con la reciente llegada de la colección NODE. ¿Nos contáis algo al respecto?

NODE es una zapatilla que está compuesta por una rejilla técnica que lo que hace es que fomenta la transpirabilidad. Hemos querido mezclar un poco el color con la sobriedad y esto lo hemos hecho a través de estampados, colores, en definitiva, un aporte distinto pero siempre manteniendo la finalidad del producto.

Comunicación corporativa del proceso de producción. Eso es algo que no todas las marcas hacen.

Nosotros nos dimos cuenta de que realmente nuestros clientes quieren saber porque una cosa cuesta lo que cuesta. Tenemos muy claro que no queremos inflar el precio por el hecho de producir en España. Somos muy ajustados en los precios y sus márgenes y en las políticas nuestras, ya no solo por responsabilidad social, sino que creemos que va verdaderamente implícita. Vemos que lo más lógico es apostar por esa transparencia. Es muy importante para la experiencia del usuario con nuestra marca.

El mundo del footwear es un mercado difícil. ¿Cómo se compite en esa liga? Hablamos de grandes campañas de marketing.

Ingenio. Nosotros vimos que había un hueco en el mercado que las grandes marcas estaban desatendiendo totalmente, que es ese público al que nosotros nos dirigimos. Nadie está diseñando y produciendo para ellos, entonces el hecho de haber creado un calzado versátil que ya no solo cubre una necesidad básica sino que aporta una prestación como es el hecho de poder utilizarlo durante todo el día y en todas ocasiones  ha sido clave para nosotros. El público y la forma de trabajar con él ha sido nuestro punto diferenciador. Para nosotros es clave que el proceso de diseño esté acompañado de mucho feedback por parte de nuestros clientes.

Vuestro producto está reconocido como uno de los más cómodos del mercado. ¿Nos podéis contar el secreto?

El hecho de que solo tenga una costura, de que no haya ninguna pieza adicional. La plantilla es algo muy importante en nuestro producto, pues gracias a esta y a la construcción de la suela, pensada para aportar una buena amortiguación y agarre.

Mencionáis eso de las siluetas, ¿a qué os referís?

Atom es nuestra primera silueta. Recoge la esencia de la forma de la carcasa, los materiales, la suela. Para este próximo trimestre estamos trabajando en el lanzamiento de una nueva silueta que pronto veréis. muajajajaa (risa maligna)

Proceso de diseño y desarrollo. ¿Cómo nace la zapatilla?

En el proceso de diseño de Muroexe se trabaja en conjunto el equipo de colecciones y diseño. En el equipo de diseño, se empieza con muchos bocetos que llegan a un concepto, ese concepto se aprueba y pasa a los “key sketches” que vienen a ser algo muy próximo al zapato final. Una vez desarrollado el concepto de la silueta, se incorporan los materiales y colores que consideramos tienen buena estética y están acorde al concepto que queremos desarrollar. Resistentes al agua, transpirables… Buscamos proveedores de materiales tanto de aquí como fuera de España y a la vez investigamos tendencias presentes.

Buscamos distintos tipos de cortes en combinación con los materiales manteniendo la simplicidad y sobre todo, una parte muy importante para nosotros es el feedback con los clientes. Nos gusta mantener  una comunicación estrecha con ellos y aprender de ellos. Intentamos que de una manera sean partícipes en el proceso de diseño.

Sketches Muroexe

Destacáis por el uso de materiales sostenibles y su fabricación en España.

Elegimos materiales que no están probados con animales. Buscamos una producción sostenible. En cuanto a la producción, por suerte tenemos la fábrica relativamente cerca, con lo que rápidamente puedes desplazarte al lugar y analizar la situación de primera mano. Sí que es verdad que Europa aún no tiene la tecnología que tienen en China, la calidad que tenemos aquí es muy buena pero cuando quieres innovar es necesario ese impulso tecnológico, nosotros mismos queremos luchar para que ese avance llegue hasta aquí.

La expansión de la marca continúa, un nuevo reto, ¿qué previsiones tenéis?

Hace pocas semanas estuvimos por Estados Unidos presentando el nuevo modelo y ha sido una experiencia increíble. Ya no sólo el mercado americano, sino también el asiático ha tenido muy buena aceptación, concretamente en Japón. Ya se nos plantea la necesidad de hacer más comunicación en estos países. La verdad es que es otro mundo la manera de comunicar que tienen allí en comparación con el mercado europeo, pero sin duda es un reto al que estamos dispuestos a enfrentarnos.

Nuestro cuestionario.

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